Saturday, July 13, 2013

Just a quick post

Look forward to better quality pictures on my blog. I'm now the proud owner of a Canon Rebel T3.  It's actually a belated graduation gift from my parents. I had decided I wanted a new camera but had my heart set on getting a film camera. However, I later decided that since it's extremely difficult to get film developed now a days, I would go with a digital one but could never decide which one I wanted.  Now, 3 years later, I have my camera and I'm very happy with it.

And if anyone is interested, I'm finally using Pinterest. I had actually created an account a few months ago, but never really got into it until now. Check out what I have if you're curious and let me know if you have one.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Summer Vacation 2013

After a fantastic week roadtripping with friends, I'm now back home.  Alex is trying to get settled in LA and I'm adjusting back to being home. 

Last week was pretty awesome.  The drive down to LA wasn't that bad besides the typical idiots on the road and having to deal with equally dumb pedestrians, especially in San Francisco. Including the incredibly hot weather, those would be the only negatives of the trip.  Was far too busy talking, laughing, and shopping to focus on the little things.

The first day on the road we stopped in Portland to visit Powell's Bookstore and Voodoo Donuts.  I highly recommend that everyone must try at least one of their donuts (especially their cake donuts).  They have a couple of locations and after driving around in circles, made it to the one outside of downtown which thankfully did not have a line going out the door and we were lucky enough to see a wedding.  We stopped at Ashland for the night and had a quick bite to eat from the diner (service far from great but excellent food) before crashing.