Friday, February 3, 2012

In Review: January

I really enjoy reading weekly posts from bloggers about things they are enjoying at the moment, but my life really isn't interesting enough for that, so I thought I start a monthly 'in review' post where I would talk about things that happened or I got/received that I enjoyed, disliked, etc. I'll probably change the format of how I do this in the future but until then I'll just start of simple.

January is kind of a weird month for me. I always get a little down during New Years and it's also my birthday month. But it wasn't a bad start to the year.

Did anything exciting happen?

I went to see Emilie Autumn's show on the 29th (I almost didn't because for some odd reason I thought the show was happening a few days later - thank god I checked when I did).  I loved it - I saw her for the first time last year and I can't decide if this was better than that one or not.  Her shows are fantastically theatrical and I just love the clothing that she and her Bloody Crumpets wear (a good portion of the audience also were wonderfully made up).  The show consisted a mix of old songs and new from her hopefully soon to be released CD.  I really loved the song Gaslight (beautiful melody) and Girls! Girls! Girls! was a lot of fun.

My birthday was on a Wednesday this year and I was scheduled for a closing shift. My birthday dinner with my family was on Saturday and was really nice. But what made me ridiculously happy was my birthday gift from my parents: the Lori Geiner Deluxe Wood Cosmetic Box. I read about it on a blog and fell in love with it. I have it in white since my first choice was sold out. It's so much easier than the small train case and it's nice to have the majority of my stash held in one storage unit.

Did anything not-so-nice happen?

Tried to switch my schedule at work which can't be done if I want to stay full time and they've decided to give me random closing and midday shifts when I've been doing opening for the past few months. Work is getting more frustrating each week and just makes me unhappy to think about it and I kind of dread going in to work.

I don't really have any plans for Febuary but I do hope I get to hang out with some friends. Even though I was stuck inside at work, we did have some beautiful weather today which I hope continues for a little while longer.

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