Monday, April 23, 2012

Getting Focused

So while I do have The List to work on, I currently have some immediate goals that I want to accomplish.

Organize My Space

My room is a complete mess. When I was younger, I was very good on keeping my room neat. Then came high school and I dissolved into organized chaos. I think that if I get my room in shape, it will help me feel more positive (and it'll just look nicer). If I work on my room a little bit each day (even if just for 10-15 minutes), it could be done in a week or two. It would also be a good time to go through stuff to see what I want to keep, donate, or throw away.

Get a New Job

I really want to start having an actually career. While I'm planning on some sort of schooling (starting with Japanese classes this summer), I've really being thinking about my goals when it comes to a job. I've applied to two jobs this weekend, one being a front desk clerk at a hotel. I've considered going into hospitality (concierge mostly) and I think a hotel job would be a good first step.

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