Monday, August 12, 2013

Mirukuma Shop and Service Review

A few weeks ago, I was looking around the internet for Paris Kids, and stumbled upon the Mirukuma livejournal and after a little more searching, the website. Kat who runs it is a student in Japan and besides running the shop with instock items, she also offers a shopping service.  This was at the end of July and I decided to do one last splurge before cutting myself off for August.  One the stores she can get to was SWIMMER and after some browsing on their site, decided to be good and just go with the Alice wallet they had; I also wanted to buy an older Angelic Pretty bracelet and really adorable SWIMMER skeleton brooch she up in the shop.

Communication was fantastic with her. After sending the initial e-mail asking if I could combine a shop purchase with the shopping service, getting everything set up and paid for took just a few hours. She set up a page with my items for check out. Instead of Paypal, she uses Amazon Shopping Cart, which is very easy to use.  She keeps the shop updated and takes down items very quickly once they've been sold.

Shipping was good as well. She generally ships via airmail (but you can request EMS shipping).  I got a notice from Amazon saying that my package was shipped, and two weeks later, my package arrived. 

I've considered using a shopping service in the past but always stopped myself since I was always a bit confused on how to go about it.  There's a separate page for the shopping service on the website which gives a very clear rundown of the details involved in the service.  I can't compare fees to other services, but I find them to be very reasonable.

In conclusion, I highly recommend buying from Mirukuma.  The whole process was very easy and Kat seems very nice.

Now for the goodies!

Swimmer Skeleton Brooch. It has hinges connecting it, so it does move.
Super cute!!
Angelic Pretty bracelet
Detail close up
Swimmer Wallet


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