Thursday, August 1, 2013

Product Love July 2013

I love watching monthly favorite videos on Youtube and seeing what people think of various items, and I thought I would start doing a favorites post here, which I will call Product Love.  Since I actually got to use and try out a few new things this past month, I thought this would be a good start.

First, The Face Shop's bubble maker. The purpose of a bubble maker (or foaming net) is to create a thicker lather from your face cleanser than you would otherwise. You wet the net, place your cleanser on it, rub your palms together to creat the foam and then squeeze it out. This is probably the best beauty tool I've ever bought.  It produces a very thick foam, and a little bit of cleanser goes a long way.
Another Face Shop product I fell in love with was their Lovely ME:EX BeBe Lip Essence.  I picked this up at the LA store since I regretted passing it by at the San Francisco location.  It is currently my favorite lip balm product.  It's a thicker balm, non-sticky, and smells like banana Runts candy. The only downside is the amount of product - it was about a little bit more than half full when I used it the first time.
 Next is the Lorac PRO Palette. I actually got this a few months ago but hadn't used it until my trip down to LA. I had wanted a second palette for day to day use and went with this instead of getting the first Urban Decay NAKED palette (I already have the second one).  It's the palette I've been reaching for the most this month. Espresso (very dark brown matte shade) is a fantastic liner.
I fell back in love with Buxom Lash mascara. This was my go-to mascara for quite a while before I started looking around at others. I took a mini-size of it down with me to LA and was reminded why I loved it in the first place. Very easy to handle, coats evenly, and does not clump my lashes together.  I'm not too sure how well to volumizes my lashes, but it's a good mascara overall.

Lastly, would be Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant.  While not exactly a 'fun' product, it's a necessity and one that works amazingly well.  I had been using Dove's clincal strength but had accidently grabbed this one instead and didn't realize until later. Now, I'm very happy with the change as I think this is much better than the Dove version.  The directions say to put two clicks worth of product on at night, though I feel this is too much for me and just do one. There is no need for a touch up in the morning (which you can do if you want) and lasts all day.
 So, those are the products I greatly enjoyed this past month.  Hopefully, this will be a monthly thing but we'll see. I'm also hoping that with these posts, I'll actually start writing some decent product reviews and find some place to take photos. What were you're favorites?


  1. The Lorac Pro Palette looks lovely! Nice blog!

    Lorraine xx

  2. So per your suggestion I just bought myself a bubble maker. NEVER GOING BACK! The foam cleans just as well without being harsh on my skin and with the foaming net I can use a quarter of the amount of product that I used to and still achieve the same effect. You Rock My Socks!
    ~Your Long Distance Ginger Soul Mate