Wednesday, October 23, 2013

13 Nights of Halloween Swap Pt. 1

Since I've started visiting the BPAL forum again, I've also gotten back into swapping. There's a sub-forum for circular swapping and I tend to spend a lot of time there.  Part of the fun of doing swaps is the stalking and planning of what you want to get your swappee.  This was a one-on-one mystery match swap (you send to one person, another person would be sending to you). We had to send our swappee's box at the end of September, but we didn't start opening until the 21st.  I got my boxes on the 30th so they were taunting me just sitting there for a while.

Day 1: I was very good and waited until after work to open my goodies. I didn't actually open my boxes up until the 21st so I was floored that both boxes were brimming with packages to open.

Kuma wants to know if these are for her
A bundle of decorations. I really love the cross stitch dalek - I'm curious if my swapper made it. I also received a Halloween mix CD.

Day 2: Since I had the day off, I opened my next gift after I woke up.

This is a rather hilarious book. The narrative is slightly connected but is not a continous story, but goes over various themes common to the vampire 'genre'. A short, quick read but very entertaining.

Day 3:

Vincent Price is one of my favorite actors, and it's been a long time since I've seen this movie, so this is a great addition to my DVD collection. I'm also really enjoying this bat wings candies.

I love everything I've opened so far - and I have 10 more days of gifts to open!!


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    1. They are super fun to do. I've already signed up for a mix cd swap and a thanksgiving swap.