Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Hello There

It's been quite some time since I've posted, even stopping in to look at the blog. When the holidays rolled around,work was insane, and I lost my motivation to do much of anything.  But I do still plan on trying to keep this blog going, but I know I need to make big changes.

I enjoy blogging but at the moment, I feel my blog is in limbo.  It's very random in the topic of posting, which at the time when I was blogging at a (somewhat) consistent rate was fine, but I'd like to bring a better focus in the future.  I originally started the blog to share updates on how I was doing while drying to complete the 101 Things in 1001 Days challenges, with some general posts along the way.  Having ignored the blog for so long, I expected that my current List of 101 Things would have 'expired', but it hasn't! I have about 11 months left, and I just updated The List to reflect goals that I've met or ones that failed.

I also started to blog as a way for me to work on my writing.  I really enjoy reading eloquent and engaging blog posts, and would love if I could reach a point where I could feel proud of my writing.  I've considered making a secondary blog, which would cover my fandom interests, favorite products, and general topics that wouldn't quite fit into my undetermined focus for this blog.

In other news, I will be crossing of one big goal off of The List this year - I'm moving!  I'll be going down to Los Angeles.  I'm very excited and absolutely terrified.  It'll be the first drastic move away from my family.  I feel that the move will (hopefully) motivate myself to be excited about living life again and maybe figure out what I'd like to do in terms of career (I do not want to be stuck in customer service).  And I'd be closer to Disney, so there's a plus right there.  I've started the long process of going through belongings and deciding what stays and goes and for the most part, it's not as difficult as I thought it would be (except when it comes to stuff animals).

Here's to a new start for this blog!

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  1. Stuffed animals proved the hardest for me too! I still have a bunch in a bin in the closet that I can't bring myself to part with! Don't worry. Moving so far away from your safety zone forces you to kick the complacency. That's why I had to do it when I did. You'll be surprised how motivating it is. I just wish I could help you pack up since you helped me! Can't wait to have you down here!