Friday, September 7, 2012

Glossybox: August 2012

So, looking back on my last glossybox review, I thought I did a rather poor job. As in, I barely gave you guys any real opinions on the actual products. So, I hope this month is a bit more informative.

Biolage ExquisiteOil Replenishing Treatment ($22.00).  .16 fl oz sample, full size is 3.1 oz.  A serum infused with a Moringa Oil Blend to give shine an replenishment for all hair types.  A clear serum which can be used during shampooing, conditioning, styling, or as overnight treatment. I've been using it as a treatment and put it in after I comb and pick my hair out.  My hair is a bit brittle right now (I think because of split ends), so I've been trying everything (thank god I'm going in for a cut on Sunday).  The serum doesn't feel heavy in my hair, and it smells nice. I've only tried it a couple of times, and I don't use a lot of hair products to begin with, so I'm not sure if this is doing much for me yet.

Ellis Faas Ellis Lips in milky lips ($35.00). Full size. I really like the design of the packaging - very sleek. It's a click-pen type thing and the brush is very soft. However, it took forever for the product to actully come out the first time. The product - I would say it gives medium opacity with a slight glossy finish. Feels really nice, but I'm not sure about longevity as I took it off immediately cause the color was awful.  The color is not a light nude but the ugliest brown ever (reminds me of OPI & Apple Pie). Very disappointing (especially since I think some people got a very pretty red), but I might consider buying this product in a different color in the future.


 Illamasqua Nail Varnish (14.00). Full size.  I was excited when I learned that an Illamasqua polish was going to be included in the box. I got Radium which Scrangie describes as a 'bright yet dirty radioactive pea green', which I think is spot on.  It's not a color I would choose for myself, but I might find that I like it when I do a full mani of it.

Ole Henriksen Truth Serum Collagen Booster (48.00). A .05 fl oz sampl (full size is 1.0 oz).  Supposed to help smooth out lines and wrinkles, fight environmental aggressors and keep skin moisturized an protected.  We also got an offer to receive a .05 oz sample of truth creme advanced hydration and free shipping with a $50 purchase.



Touch in Sol Feel like Honey Moon Skin Base ($20.00).  Full size is 1.12 oz and the tube I got is 1.06 fl oz.  A moisturizer and makeup base, to be put on before foundation or during the last stage of skin care routine.  I waited 15 minutes after using my usual moisturizer before putting this on.   It looks a bit orange but goes on clear and  gold particles almost completely dissolves, and the small flecks that did not disolve do show through my foundation.  It says to apply evenly and then pat lightly until dry - I don't know if I did it wrong, or my skin is drier than I thought, but white fleck were appering when I was pattin it dry.  I don't use face primer often as I have yet to find one that I like, and I do plan to try this product a couple more times, but I'm not that impressed so far.


Overall: I would have been very happy with this box if the Ellis lip product had been a diferent color. The product seems really nice but that color is just horrible.

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