Thursday, January 3, 2013

Glossybox: December 2012

So I haven't written up about my Glossyboxes for a while since the past few boxes just haven't been that interesting.  However, December's box was the best box I've gotten to date so I thought I would do a write up. It's a very generous box which is only fitting since it's the holiday box.

Madurai Jasmine & Mogra Bath and Shower Oil by Forest Essentials. I've been curious about bath oils for a while but have never bought one thinking it would be a pain to deal with.  This came sealed thankfully as it seemed to have spilled a bit inside the wrapping (how I have no idea).  It's quite a powerful scent but very nice (those who are big fans of jasmine would be happy with this).  I haven't tried it yet as I don't have any jasmine scented body products (and I don't want various fragrances to clash).  I would like to try the body wash in this scent as well.

Another quite divine smelling product. Bath salts from Heartland Fragrance Co.  Never used bath salts before and it's kind of difficult to take a bath in my current bath tub so this is another product that needs to saved.

Pleats Please by Issey Miyake.  Notes (according to Nordstrom): nashi pear, peony, sweet pea, cinnamon, cedar, patchouli, vanilla.  First impression: floral and nothing special.  It doesn't go powdery or soapy on me which is a plus, but it has too much of a generic perfume scent going on for me to be a fan.  I need to try it out again to actually see if it morphs at all but while I'll probably enjoy this tester, I won't be buying it.

Velvet Amplifier by Wella.  A hairstyling primer. I don't do much with my hair so this may go unused for a while.

Zoya nail polish in Storm. Was very excited to see this in my box. I love black holo polishes.  For some reason, I can't upload the picture to Blogger, so I'll come back and edit this when the site stops being stupid.

Lipclick Luxe Lipstick in m.powerment petal.  A rose colored lipstick, color quite similar to other rosey pink products they given in the past.  I personally don't find it that moisturizing, but it's a nice color. I do love the packaging though: pink with holographic letters, and cap is magnetized (way too much fun to play around with).

Last but not least, a necklace from JewelMint.  My first piece from JewelMint.  A very cute bottle pendant.  The cap does come off if you wanted to fill it with something.  I do have an account on JewelMint but have yet to buy anything (I love jewelry and have quite a collection so I try to show some self-restraint).

So in conclusion, this was probably the best box of 2012.  I was totally not expecting the JewelMint piece and quite happy to see the bath products.  I feel Glossybox gives way too many hair products which I don't use since I don't have much time to do my hair and the fact that I can't style my hair to save my life.  I'm happy that I've kept my subscription and looking forward to another year of goodies from them.  Hope the post made since; I was writing it up while listening to a lecture for class (got to love online courses for the multi-tasking).

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