Monday, September 9, 2013

A Pair of Peaches

Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs had exclusive scents for Dragon*Con, all featuring peach which is a favorite of mine. I was extremely lucky in getting two thanks to a lovely forumite (I debated getting all five oils, plus the bath oil but restrained myself - not sure if I'm happy about that).

Peach II
Notes: White peach, tangerine, champagne grapes

In the bottle: It smells like one of my favorite ramune candy, I kid you not

On skin wet: A good word to describe this scent - bubbly.  The notes blend very nicely together, though it seems that tangerine is the star at the moment.

On skin dry: It's actually rather aquatic. Still sweet and fruity, but less effervescent.

Other: Stays strong for about 1.5-2 hours before becoming rather subtle. Very aquatic towards the end.

Peach V
Notes: White peach, white tea, honey, and neroli

In the bottle: A sweet honeyed tea. It is gorgeous.

On skin wet: I can definitely detect the Lab's honey note playing with the neroli, with the peach in the background giving it a sweet edge.

On skin dry: The peach gets bolder and what I think is the tea note becomes a bit more noticeable (my first time with the Lab's white tea note). Has the slightest herbal tinge to it.

Other: A much more full body scent than Peach II. All the notes compliment the peach nicely and is very balanced once dried.

I'm very happy with both scents, though Peach V is definitely the real star. I will definitely have to hunt down extra bottles of it. I really wish I'd gone for a whole set, as I would love to see how different the golden and Georgia peaches are to the white.


  1. I love Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs. I wish that wasn't a con exclusive scents as I love peach as well! I've actually been meaning to go take a look around their shop- guess what city they're based in!

    1. When I visit, it'll be when there's a Will Call for that month's Lunacy. I never knew you liked BPAL! When you come up for the holidays, I can give you a whole bunch of imps if you want (I have 100+, both general and LE).