Monday, September 23, 2013

Kuretake Envelope Template ~ Western Style

If you love pens and stationery (and everything that goes with them), you definitely need to check out JetPens.  This has become one of my favorite places to buy from, as I have a deep love for fun writing instruments (especially pens from Japan).  I finally caved and bought my first Kuretake template for a western style envelope. Since I've gotten back into letter writing, I thought that this would come in handy in the future.

The template allows you to create four different sizes of envelopes: 2.6" X 4.1", 3.9" X 5.8", 4.5" X 6.4", and 4.7" X 6.7 ". You trace the outline of the size you want, cut it, then glue the side flaps to the bottom flap. The directions come in Japanese and English with pictures, so it's very easy to understand.  The template itself is made of plastic but it is not flimsy.
I forgot to score all but the last envelope I made, and it makes a big difference! It makes folding much easier and the envelope looks 'cleaner'.  I just used a manicure stick to score the edges. I didn't have a glue pen so I just used regular Elmer's glue - kind of messy but it works.
All four
4.5" X 6.4" and 3.9" X 5.8"
Pink envelope from Paper Source compared to the 4.5" X 6.4"
Stationery paper inside 3.9" X 5.8"
I've been using the Paper Source envelopes recently, and they really only have a little more height to them compared to the envelope I made. The smallest envelope would be good for notes you wanted to add to packages (as I'm pretty sure you can't mail this on its on, right?) and depending on what type of paper you use to write letters on, any of the larger envelopes would be good.  Most of my stationery is from Japanese brands that come with the Japanese style envelope which get returned to me sometimes if I use them.  The 3.9" X 5.8" is the perfect solution to that problem which is a great relief.

I would recommend this template to anyone who wouldn't mind putting the extra time to make these.  You could use any type of paper to make some really fun envelopes and make it a little more personalized.  There are a couple more templates on and I'd love to get both gift box templates.

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