Saturday, November 2, 2013

13 Nights of Halloween Swap Pt. 3

Day 9: Training is going alright at work, but the meeting we had to discuss the holidays at work (the busiest time for us) is freaking me out a bit. So not prepared.
Look at how pretty my mask is! Can't wait to find an excuse to wear it.

Day 10: I had to work a closing shift for the first time in over a year - was kind of weird being at work that late.
Dracula is a classic that I've been wanting to read for a while but could never decide on what edition would be the best.

Day 11: I hope everyone had a fantastic Halloween! Mine was filled with great music and good food.
The Wolf Man is my favorite classic horror movie, so I'm super excited that I now have a copy of my own (it's hardly shown on tv anymore).

Day 12: A very lazy day.
So happy with my new soaps.  I've always wanted to try Paintbox Soapworks and usually buy it for my swappees but never myself. Very excited to try the sorbettos. I also got in the mail a replacement candle holder for the one that got broken.

Day 13: The last day. This has been one of the best swaps I've ever participated in and I hope it happens again next year.
New BPAL! The bottles are Monster Bait: Tokyo Stomp, Uncle Traveling Matt (Fraggle Rock), and Chaos Theory IV CDLXIX. They all smell great in the bottles and will be the next I test out after I go through my Halloweenie decants.

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