Saturday, April 25, 2015

Dewey's Read-a-Thon: 1/3 Way Through

Well, we're a third way through the read-a-thon by now.  It's incredible how fast it goes!

I've finished two books up to this point: Zyword vol 1 by Tamayo Akiyama and Soulless by Gail Carriger.  I think I might just start all of my read-a-thon's with a manga - they're an easy, quick read to get things started and to help you wake up if you have an early morning start time.  Soulless was the one book that I was determined to finish fully since I've read the first book of the Finishing School series but I didn't realize until later that both series are set in the same world.  I'm not entirely sure if I'll continue the Parasol Protectorate but I did enjoy it (though I'm not a fan of the cover art).

Right now, I'm taking a break and  participating in a movie watch-a-long with my fellow Iggles.  The movie that won the vote is Howl's Moving Castle, which is definitely one of my favorite Ghibli films.  I had actually just finished the second chapter of the next book I had started, Trading in Danger by Elizabeth Moon right when we were supposed to start the movie!  I'm not entirely if I'll go back to it after the movie is done.  While I probably should give it a few more chapters before I make a final judgement, there's just not enough build up for me not just with getting introduced to the characters, but learning about the world itself.  Which is another issue I had with Parasol Protectorate - you have to make a lot of deductions about the way things are based of the little tidbits given.  These two books are also the first ones that I've read in a while that aren't in first person, so that could be a factor in how I'm perceiving the storytelling.

Page Count:
Zyword - 256
Soulless - 357
Trading in Danger - 38

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