Thursday, March 1, 2012

#81: Picture a Month

I've always found the idea of taking a picture of yourself daily fun but I thought I would just take a picture at the beginning of each month (might try to do it daily on my next List). It's interesting too see how you change over time.  My digital camera is finally working probably without messing up the pictures when I try to import them onto my computer so I finally got to start this. Though I need to find a place where there's enough light so the flash doesn't go off.

New Year's Day:

Hanging out in my room

Febuary 1st:

Just got back from work

March 1st:

Ready to go do errands

For the record, I have an Olympus FE-190. Have had it for years and was a gift I believe. Something small so I can carry it around; great for traveling and conventions. Debating whether I want to get a nice digital camera; I much prefer film photography and would rather get a film camera though the downside of that is the difficulty of getting the pictures developed. Digital is nice and all but I think film photography looks better.

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