Monday, May 7, 2012

Sakura-Con 2012

Ah Sakura-Con. I've been going to this con for 9 years - next year will make it 10!  The past two years, I actually considered not attending, but ended up going (and with no regrets). I do stay at a hotel in downtown as driving to and from the convention is just too much of a hassle (and it's just fun).  This was the second year I stayed at the Sheraton which is right across from the convention center - it's sooo convenient; I'll probably never stay at another hotel for this convention.

They moved pre-reg pickup this year to being across the street from the convention center - not sure why. Me and a friend waited closer to the end of pre-reg pickup as usually there are hardly any lines and takes just a few minutes to get your badge. Not so this year - we ended up waiting about an hour, but luckily we spotted another friend in line in front of us and joined him. Pizza was waiting for us by the time we got back to the hotel room and the rest of the night was spent working on finishing up costumes.

Day 1

I got up in time to go see the opening ceremonies and then headed off to the dealers hall. I immediately headed over to the Harajuku Hearts booth and browsed through all the pretty lolita clothing. I spotted the Chantilly dress that I had fallen in love with online - a beautiful dark blue with a fantastic carousel horse print on it. I made the mistake of trying it on, and probably debated with myself a good twenty minutes on whether or not to buy it (financial responsibility won the arguement, sadly).  I consoled myself with DS games (Tetris Party and Devil Survivor) and some pretty art from the artist alley. After you have gone to a few conventions, you get much wiser on how you spend your money.  You'll find a lot of the same products over and over, so you spend more time (and more willing) to spend money on the more unique stuff.

Next came one of the main events that I like to go to, AMV Contest.  Generally, I enjoy all the categories, though the drama category does tend to get tedious. Princess TuTu seemed to be a very popular choice this year.

Met up with some friends for lunch and found another group after that.  The rest of the day was spent wandering about and finding people (and more sewing).

Day 2

Got up early to go the Market to get fresh baby donuts. Thing, it was time to get dress.  We eventually got out of the hotel room by 1 (I think). Even though it took us a while to get ready (hand sewing is a rather tedious task), it was completely worth it. I adore my Sailor Moon costume - I wish the wig was my real hair.  We got over to the convention, went outside and took some photos .  After some real food, it was back to the dealers hall.

Isn't this Luna gorgeous? We found her while trying to find a place to take pictures.

Later that evening, I went to the Kanon Wakashima/ Moi dix Mois concert. I had a priority wristband and met up with a friend already in line so we had a great view. Kanon went first and her show was awesome; her jazz numbers were really great. Then it was Moi dix Mois turn. It's unbelievable that Sakura-Con got them as guests and everyone was really excited for them. Unfortunately, I didn't stay for their entire show - by then my contacts were burning my eyes out, so it was off to the hotel to change, then back to the con and late night tacos. I'm not that interested in the raves, so some of us were just wandering around waiting to go to a panel.  Ended up watching the late night Cosplay Chess match, which was better than most cosplay chest games I've seen.

And then, it was time for Where Fanfictopm Goes to Die. It's all at once disturbing, childhood destroying, and the most hilarious couple of hours you will spend at con.  Possibly my favorite panel to go to. You really have to wonder what some of these people were thinking when they wrote this stuff. The panel itself is run by four women who read out loud various fanfic they find (generally, all of it is mature - no kids allowed at this panel - but not all of it involves sex), complete with sign language and people acting the stories out.  Finally went to bed sometime after 3AM.

Day 3

Last day.  Slept in as there wasn't that much to do panel wise. I had made sure to get everything mostly packed the night before, so I wasn't rushing around.  Spent most of the day in the dealer's hall. Made sure to see the AMV contest results before heading to dinner. It's become tradition for us to go to Cheesecake Factory after the con. Ended up going to see Wrath of the Titans with a couple of friends before heading home.

And that's that.  I'd say it was rather a successful con this year. Slow going at some points, but it was really great to get back into costume.  Already looking forward to next year.

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