Friday, June 8, 2012

In Review: May

Well, I did a little bit better on posting last month. The last few days were devoted to watching E3 coverage on G4 and not much else.  I hope everyone is doing well and having some nice spring/summer weather - it's been raining the past few days (annoying, but it hasn't been hot so I can't complain to much).


Have seen the Avengers 3 times. I'll probably see it again at least one more time. It's soooo good! Everyone needs to see it!

Applied to the community college I used to go to and got in.  After thinking it over, I'll start taking classes this fall.
Ninja Warrior has started again - got into the show about 2 seasons ago. It's really amazing watching some of these people when they run the course.

Didn't get the job I interviewed. And the search goes on.

Kevin Pereira's last show of AOTS. We still got him for E3 but now it'll be guest hosts for a while it seems. I never watch AOTS on a regular basis but I did like him (not that big a fan of Candace).

Red Dragon - Thomas Harris
Japanamerica: How Japanese Pop Culture Invaded America  - Roland Kelts
Arcade Mania: The Trubo-Charged World of Japan's Game Centers  - Brian Ashcraft
Level 26: Dark Prophecy - Anthony E. Zuiker
Kamikaze Girls - Novala Takemoto

Have also been getting back into reading manga. Re-reading xxxHolic from the beginning as I got really behind on that series. Also reading Beauty Pop and GALS! to perk me up after reading some of the heavier, darker stuff (I've read a few volumes from both series before but have yet to finish them).

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