Thursday, August 9, 2012

Glossybox: July 2012

Sorry that there wasn't a review of the June box - pictures didn't turn out and then I kind of forgot about it, plus I'm sure there are beauty blogger who are better at presenting these sort of things. A quick overall impression: last month's box was okay.  I quite liked the mascara (Showoff), haven't gotten around to using the hair treatment or body cream yet, and one of the products (the shaving gel) has a hole in the packaging and got the product everywhere. However, after I sent a e-mail to Glossybox about, I got another sample of it. So, thumbs up in customer service; I got a reply about 3 days after I sent them the e-mail, and actual sample arrived towards the end of the month (not fast, but I'm sure they're busy with other customers and getting the next month's box ready).

So, July.  Another month with the focus on summer.  I'm really looking forward to the fall/winter boxes, as the cooler months (especially the holidays) are my favorite.

Last month, they started to include these little magazines, which I think is a nice extra touch to the box. They seem to be printed with a nice stiff paper, so it's not at all flimsy.  I didn't get the usual card that lists all the products included in the box; I'm not sure if that was a mistake or if they're not including those anymore.  So, a little research was in order (the Glossybox site already has the products featured on there site, so no trouble).

Alessandro International Pedix Heel Rescue Balm.  This immediately caught my eye as my heels are in bad shape and I didn't really have anything to help.  I just started to use this but so far this isn't bad.  The scent isn't strong - is slightly minty but not really powerful compared to other creams I've tried in the past.  It's not a thick cream but I do feel I have to spend quite some time rubbing it in.

Caswell-Massey Almond & Aloe Hand & Body Emulsion.  Haven't tried this yet. I'm picky about what I use for my hands; even though my hands would really benefit from a moisturizer, I don't use one often because I haven't found one that I really like (especially one that doesn't leave me feeling like I need to wash my hands).

Sebastian Professional Color Ignite Multi Tone Shampoo and Conditioner.  I might use these if I travel or run out of my own shampoo/conditioner before I can get more.  I've been pretty happy with Lush's Jumping Juniper solid shampoo and Veganese conditioner, so I try not to stray from them.

Ofra Cosmetics Universal Eyebrow Pencil. I've never used an eyebrow pencil before and have been meaning to get one.  Not too sure about the color (supposedly suits all skins tones) but we'll see.

Thankfully, this pink bar didn't cover the actual product - pictue problems
Senna Cosmetics Double Dose Lip Lacquer. Very happy about getting a lip product. Haven't gotten a chance to try this either, but I love the colors. I hope it's not too sheer.

Overall, I think this was a good month (better than June's box).   I do plan on keeping a subscription with Glossybox for now.  I've been happy with two of the three boxes I've gotten and I hope this level of quality continues.

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