Sunday, August 26, 2012

#51: Organizing Nail Polish Pt. 2

Finally got the rest of the drawers sorted out last night and took pictures this morning, so here's part 2!

The third drawer is the drug store nail polish.  The majority of it is Wet n' Wild, a brand which I really do love when it comes to nail polish. I always keep an eye out for new collections (I'm really hoping that we have something interesting from Fantasy Makers this year). Wet n' Wild Black Creme is my go-to black and I'm really sad that they no longer do Rock Solid LE collections.  My Maybellines, Sally Hansen, L'oreal, Milani, and Borghese. 

The fourth holds my selection of 'big name' brands and (and not-so-big):  OPI, Zoya, Color Club, Misa, Finger Paints, Orly, Spa Ritual, Mac, RBL, and Island Girl.  I actually only have one Orly and one Spa Ritual.  I need to get some more Color Club as I always seem to fall back in love with the brand when I wear a CC polish.  Most of the OPIs that I own are more older collections (my pride and joy is La Boheme) - while OPI does put out a gem every so often, I'm never that impressed with their collections. I'm still trying to track down a bottle of Absolutely Alice.

The fifth drawer holds my Asian polishes, my Lynnderellas, Pure Ice, and some various random polishes.  I absolutely adore my Nfu-oh polishes (gotta love the flakies) and I really want to get some of the jelly polishes they have.  This will probably be the drawer where any new polishes I get will go into until my next re-organization.

So there it is! I'm not entirely sure if I like how the third drawer is sorted,but overall, this arrangement is much better than what it had been. Everything looks so orderly.

(Still practicing/playing around with my camera. I like to think that one day, I'll be happy with the pictures I take).

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