Thursday, August 16, 2012

#51: Organizing Nail Polish Pt. 1

I used to be really bad at biting my nails growing up. Towards the end of high school, I started painting my nails on a regular basis to stop biting, which worked beautiful. I did end becoming a bit o a fanatic about nail polish though and currently have a sizable collection (I haven't counted, but I'm sure I have over 200 bottles).  For a while, I used various containers to hold my collection until I could get a Helmer from IKEA.

My nails haven't been in great shape due to work, and for a couple of months, my nails were left naked. I finally got back into painting my nails last month (thank god for quick dry top coat) and my nails have been recovering. My room once again has random bottles all over place, so I decided to re-organize my stash while tidying up.

I prefer to organize by brand. It maybe easier to go by color (you would have all the shades there to help you choose between instead of going back and forth between draws), but I think it looks neater/cleaner by brand.

The first three drawers I'm showing have stayed the same. The other three are being rearranged to be/look less chaotic.

The bottom drawer holds all my base and top coats, nail files, nail art supplies (of which I have little since I don't do a lot of nail art at the moment) and mini polishes.

The first (top) drawer contains all my China Glaze polishes. It was the first brand that I really got into but I've been rather disappointed with their collections for a while now (a year or more I think).  I would like to get some colors from the Kicks collection and I am rather looking forward to this year's Halloween collection.

The second drawer contains Sinful Colors, L.A Girls Rock Star colors, and two freshcover polishes (I think those are produced by Sinful Colors as well).  I love to go nail polish hunting at drugstores and Sinful Colors are very cheap and not a bad polish. You've got a lot of options to chose from, but since they don't put out a lot of new releases (at least, as far as I'm aware of), I haven't gotten any new colors in over a year.  I really like the Rock Star collection by L.A. Girls (the only polishes I have by L.A. Girls actually).  I tend to gravitate towards them if I can't think of what I want to wear.

I'm working on the other drawers, so once that's taken care of, I'll post the second part. Let me know if you would like a more detailed view of any part of my collection. I'm thinking of doing a post on my favorite polishes but if anything catches your eye or if you have any questions, leave a comment.

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