Tuesday, July 3, 2012

In Review: June

My blog has been up (and is still alive) after 6 months!! Yay!!  I do enjoy writing up stuff to post, though I probably should keep something on me at all times to write down post ideas. I want to be able to actually post stuff on a regular basis, but for the most part, things aren't that interesting around here and I don't want to bore anyone.  I do have some posts planned for this month which I'm excited to work on and will hopefully be interesting to everyone.


- Tumblr

- I discovered Kimbra a couple of weeks ago.  I need to get her album, but my favorite song of her's so far is Two Way Street and I love the music video for Good Intent.

- Saw MIB 3 with my dad - far better than the second one and really funny (the first one will always be the best).  Also saw Prometheus with the everyone but the youngest sister (who probably wouldn't have like it anyway); entertaining but seems contradictory with established events and from what I've read online, I'm still unsure if this is a reboot or not (it does take place in the same universe as the Alien series).  If it is a reboot, I'm not that impressed.


- Being tired all the time.

- Learned that the only two stops in the US for 2NE1's world tour is LA and New Jersey. I'm seriously trying to see if I could fly down, see the show, then fly back up again. I love and would love to see them in concert!

Extra Lives: Why Video Games Matter - Bissell Tom
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - Stieg Larsson
Mr. CSI: How a Vegas Dreamer Made a Killing in Hollywood, One Body at a Time - Anthony Zuiker

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