Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Only 153 Days...

Or five months til Christmas! I'm determined to get my shopping done early this year and for the past couple of weeks, I've been trying to think up ideas on what to give my family.  The last two years have been rather last minute (if I can avoid the mall after that first weekend of December or so, that would be sooo nice) and if my family cooperates, things should be good to go. My family is both easy and difficult to shop for.  I am the only one who has a wish list that is constantly updated (and about a page or more long), so I believe I'm rather easy to shop for.  My one sister, Heather, doesn't like that (I can't remember the exact reason, something along the lines of she doesn't like shopping from a list); the list is there to help you! It tells you the things I really want! It's like pulling teeth to get a wish list from everyone else, though. There are certain items that are always safe bets, but it's always nice to have some kind of idea of what they at least have their eye on.  I sometimes worry too much about gift-giving, which is a little bit sad because I think the whole process of buying (or making) and giving gifts should be a lot of fun.

Photo by musicalbunny18
A while ago I spotted the above picture on tumblr and immediately set out to find instructions on how to do the Russian Spiral technique. I'm planning on making bracelets for both sisters: one in bright blue and green, the other one I'm still debating on colors (possible grey, black, or some other muted color with a contrasting bright color).  I love giving handmade gifts so this I think will be a lot of fun (and there are so many options bead-wise).  I also plan on finally finishing the scarf I was going to give my one sister last year; it had been a last minute decision, and I was really close to finishing it but didn't make it (I even worked on it during a D&D session).

I'm also looking forward to buying more wrapping paper! I love fancy and cute wrapping paper, and while I bought quite a few rolls last year, I can't wait to see new designs for this year.  I'm a big procrastinator when it comes to actually wrapping gifts (as in, it's Christmas Eve and nothing is wrapped), so hopefully my goal of shopping early will prompt me into wrapping early as well. 

Does it seem a bit silly to already be thinking about Christmas shopping? Maybe, but the sooner it's over, that's one less thing I have to worry about during a very busy time of the year.

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