Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Topic #7: Photo Challenge - Day Off

Our next topic for the #2014BloggerChallenge was a photo challenge, a 'Day/Week in Photos' kind of deal.  Nothing really exciting has been happening, and I got sick at the beginning of last week, so I wasn't too enthusiastic about blogging (and I was doing so good at posting stuff).  So, I just decided to detail what I did yesterday on my day off. My days off of work tend to be all about being lazy, but still try to accomplish small things.

I try not to sleep in too late on my days off so my schedule isn't completely thrown off since I get up at 4 the rest of the week.  So I usually set my alarm for 7 but always seem to actually really wake up around 10.  First thing I do is wash my face, followed by eating breakfast if I feel like it.
Current morning skincare products
The breakfast of champions. I have really awful eating habits on my days off.
Watching videos while I eat
I tend to try to organize or clean on my days off.  I usually like to tackle the entire room at once, but I'm going to break it off into sections so it looks like actual progress is being done.  I went with my dresser first, since it's close to my bed and one of the first things you see when you walk into my room.
The disaster area
All clean! It's been some time since it's looked like this
Also deep cleaned my two most used makeup brushes
Nothing really exciting happened the rest of the day.  I did go to the library later on that night to pick up a hold and decided to grab some ice cream.
Settling down with my ice cream and some music
Nothing special, but I did feel really satisfied that my dresser is now spotless again.  I need to systematically tackle the rest of my room so it can look as good.

Hope everything had a great March.  I'm kind of dreading April - spring break is starting for a lot of schools and work is going to get extremely busy because of that.  I do have Sakura-Con to look forward to, which will literally be the one thing that will keep me going.


  1. Looks like you had a fun day off! What did you pick up at the library? I've been putting a lot of holds in lately--for CDs and a few books lately. Have a great night!!


    1. A CD: Human Heart by Ramin Karimloo. I tend go to the library on a pretty regular basis - it's the best way to make sure I don't go crazy buying books.

  2. Sorry but I got dizzy when I read you usually get up at 4 and couldn't focus on the rest of your pictures. Love Claire Marshall though, she's one of my fave youtubers.