Thursday, July 17, 2014

Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag July 2014

I got my Mystery Bag last week and finally had time to get this post up.  I've been wearing Rainbow Honey for the past 2 weeks and have gotten lots of compliments from both coworkers and clients, so I say this bag was a success.
This month's featured scent was Midori. We received a cooling gel, rollerball perfume, and cuticle balm. To me, this is a strong melon scent and on the sweet side. I like it,  but at times this does come off sour.  The cooling gel has shimmer in it, but it's subtle and you'll get a lot of it on your fingers when rubbing it in.
 The polishes:

1 coat over 2 coats of Sinful Colors HD Nails
Viridis is a glitter polish of bright green stars, light blue, pink, and iridescent glitter, and blue shimmer. I think this is such a fun glitter and very easy to get and place the stars.  I was calling this my 'mermaid mani' in my head. Got several compliments on it.
2 layers over 2 layers of Sinful Color Love Nails
Deep Heart Sea is a blue based polish with blue/purple shimmer, multi-color glitter and white hearts. I couldn't fish out any hearts but I like the color combo of the glitter - gives it a 'beach ball' feel to me.
Chemical Plant is what I would call a glass fleck polish.  A pink base with pink and gold shimmer flecks, with blue and purple shimmer added to the mix.  This was so hard to get a good photo of. Far away, it looks like a pink metallic polish - you see how dimensional it is up close. I did three coats but you could get away with two.  This got rather gloopy on me, but that could be because we had three fans running while I was doing my nails. Sadly, it did chip the next day.

Overall, still happy with this subscription.  I'm rather sad that Chemical Plant chipped so fast, but I'm also using a different base coat than I usual use which could also be a factor.  I'm also pleased that I actually had pictures of me wearing the polish to share this time around. Viridis is my favorite of three - which do you like best?

Please give me your opinion on whether you like the size of the pictures. Should I keep me that large or go smaller?

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