Sunday, August 3, 2014

2014BloggerChallenge | B Movies

Even having a whole month to write this post, I'm still waiting last minute to tackle the latest topic of the #2014Blogger Challenge (which is about movies).  I love going to the movie theatres, and I'm all about action, science fiction, and horror (I also love fantasy, but that seems to be a genre that doesn't seem to get a lot of love at the moment).  I also really enjoy bad movies: the so-bad-it's-good, why-are-we-even-watching-this kind of film. 

Growing up, I loved staying up late on Friday or Saturday nights to watch the old horror or science fiction movies that would play on AMC.  Before today's trend of almost showing only slasher films, Halloween was always the best time because they would show a lot of the classic monster movies (The Wolf Man is probably my favorite classic).  My appreciation for B movies was also cultivated by watching Mystery Science Theater 3000 - it also cultivated the joy of making commentary when watching B movies.

The SyFy channel (or back when it was better spelled SciFi) shows quite a lot of made for TV B movies. It's always funny to see the commercials for the newest Saturday night movie that will be shown, whether it's a disaster film or a monster/creature movie. And bad monster movies have become an art form for the channel. Some (or a lot) of people may scoff and make fun of movies like Snakes on a Plane or lower quality films like Sharknado, but movies aren't always about making a deep moral point or to make you think about the big questions.  Sometimes, you just want to watch something mindless that can make you laugh - whether from ridiculous plot points, bad acting/animation, or being really happy when the character you hate bites it.

Are there any 'quality' films that you get a laugh out of?

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