Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag August 2014

I have to admit, this is a mix bag for me in both body product and nail polish.  We received a body splash in the scent Summer Juice, and a roll-on perfume and cuticle balm in Royal Fruits in this month's bag. Royal Fruits is briefly described as 'a summery fragrance reminiscent of beautiful warm weather and refreshing summer fruits'.  Of the fruity scents sents so far, this is my least favorite - there's some sort of creamy note (I though something like coconut but someone on a forum mentioned banana) that just doesn't do much for me but it isn't cloying like Midori.
Two coats of China Glaze Fiji Fling, one coat of Modern Hearts
Modern Hearts is another bright, slightly neon glitter in a shimmery base.  I have to admit, these types of glitters are not my thing, so on one hand, they're something different and bring some variety to my collection.  However, I feel we've seen this kind of polish from RH for the past few bags.  I do like the bright white hearts and not that difficult to fish out.  I do need to buy a bottle of nail thinner to see if that helps with how thick the polish gets as you continue to use it.
2 coats
488nm is a 'solid azure blue creme' that will be part of a collection next year. I quite like it - I have about 4 creme polishes in my collection so this makes a nice addition.  I think this would be fun to use as a backdrop for pink or purple dots.

The third polish was a Royal Fruits scented top coat.  I've never been that interested in scented top coats and after a while this wasn't doing any favors to my stomach.  The scent was pretty strong from the bottle while I was using it, but once on and dry, it's not that noticeable unless you bring your hand/nails really close to your face. I also prefer using a fast drying top coat, so I'm not sure how much use this will get, though it does give a good amount of shine.

Really only pleased with the cuticle balm and 488nm.  To be honest, I would just be happy with only getting three nail polishes every month.  None of the body products (besides the cuticle balm) that I've received really wow me though they're a nice bonus.  However, I'm really hoping we start seeing more variety in colors -  as fun as they are, I'm tired of bright and neon and want to see something more geared to fall.

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