Tuesday, January 24, 2012

#48: Running

I did a year of cross-country running in junior high. I wasn't that great, plus I had a slight case of asthma, but I really enjoyed it. Didn't continue in high school after we moved up to the Northwest (I was rather oblivious to what went on at school - I pretty much just went to class).  Can't really say why I like running either; I do miss it which is why I'm trying to get back into it, with the goal of completing a marathon in the fall. But not just any marathon: this one has zombies in it.

This is probably one of the best videos I've seen of the Baltimore race.

I think it was my Dad that first showed me Run For Your Lives. I immediately went to their website and was super excited to find out that there was going to be a race not that far from Seattle in August. I'm sure I'm going to be doing a lot of screaming when I run this (I'm hoping that my sister will run it with me).  It's probably not the smartest idea to do a 5k for a first marathon but I have to do it (zombies!). The only goal I have is to do the race in a reasonable amount of time and have at least one flag on me when I cross the finish line.

But first, I need to actually start training. An excuse I've had for not starting to train is that I don't have proper running shoes, which I hope to buy in the next week or so. Been searching the webs for tips on training for a race and the like. I also hope to do a Disney marathon in the future (they have a new nighttime race The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror 10-Miler Weekend; afterwards, you get to go on the attractions til 3 am!).

Anyone else into running or doing marathons?

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