Sunday, January 15, 2012

Cosplay: Sailor Moon

I'm very excited about this year's Sakura-Con. It'll be the first time in 2 years that I'll be cosplaying, I believe. And I've chosen something I love and always wanted to do: Sailor Moon!

I grew up watching Sailor Moon on Toonami - me and my sister were always trying to make sure our mom got us home as fast as possible so that we wouldn't miss it.  The first time I saw it was at my uncle's one morning and I was hooked.  Sailor Moon is a series I seem to come back to every so often - I go through periods of being really obsessed with it and then it ebbs away. I'm very happy that it's being reprinted in English and that Sailor V is in English for the first time.

I'm cosplaying the manga version of SM's original transformation. A friend of mine is thankfully going to be making my wig as I'm rather hopeless in that department.  I'm going for a lighter blonde - I may possibly go for a darker blonde if I ever cosplay as Usagi.  I'm debating about what color boots I should go with and while I'm going to get/make a tiara, I may also just do a crescent moon on my forehead.

I remember hearing about this when they did a campaign to raise money to make this little film. Sadly, I forgot about it (I missed out on donating - I really wanted that DVD!) and found the video while doing some random searching a few days ago: I both love it and find it hilarious. I love well done fan-made productions like this. Then there's this:

I'm not going to do this for my makeup (I'm thinking of going for a very neutral eye with bold liner and lashes), but I might attempt this for fun at least once. I love the message at the end of the video (almost brought me to tears actually).

It's been a long time since I've been excited about a costume and I think it's going to be a lot of fun. Everyone seems to be excited about his.  Some friends are doing some of the other scouts and one friend is doing Tuxedo Mask.

I'll be doing updates on my progress of getting this costume done. The goal is to have it completely finished at least a few days before the con and not be up all hours of the night trying to get it done.  And I'll be taking plenty of pictures at con for everyone to see.

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