Sunday, June 29, 2014

Favorites June 2014

It's been awhile since I've done a favorites post, but there hasn't been a lot of things that stood out for some time.  But there are a few things that I've really been enjoying this past month and thought I'd write up something since I've been so quiet - I really need to get a new computer before this one completely decides to not turn on ever again.

I needed some new mascara, as I had used up the one I had gotten from The Face Shop, so I grabbed
Great Lash and The Rocket Volum Express from Maybelline.  Great Lash has been my go-to for the month, as it's less 'heavy' feeling than Rocket.  I love that there's hardly in flaking after 12 hours and is rather easy to remove.  It's been years since I've worn Maybelline mascara, but very happy that I gave it another try.

I got my Samsung Galaxy smart phone last month - my very first smart phone. It felt like I was betraying my Motorola Razor flip phone.  The one thing that I was very excited about getting a new phone, was that I could finally buy and play Plague Inc.  My friend Freya introduced me to the game a while back but at the time I had no way to play it. I've won all of the basic plagues plus the Neurax Worm on mega-brutal, and have been trying win on mega-brutal for the Necroa virus but haven't had much luck (it makes me so happy that we have a zombie scenario on this game).  I'm rather annoyed that we can't unlock the scenario challenges after having won on a previous challenge and have to pay instead, but a lot of the scenarios look interesting and I'll eventually cave and buy it.  If you haven't played this game, do give it a try, especially if you like strategy game - it's very addicting (I got a co-worker hooked on it).

I had to do a lot of shopping this past month to put together a business professional wardrobe for my new job. I didn't have much reason to buy that sort of thing when I was working at PetSmart so I was kind of panicking trying to find things.  This next favorite is from Express, the High Waist Sheer Inset Pleated Skirt.  I've only worn it once, but I'm seriously in love with it.  Got a ton of compliments from co-workers and clients.
Pic from Express website
Another dress code requirement for my new job is that I have to be wearing lipstick or lip gloss at all times.  I've been using Benefit's Lollitint as a base for various lip glosses.  I like put on two coats, so that it's a nice dark fuchsia base for anything I put over it.  It has pretty good staying power, even through eating.

So that's it for this month's favorites.  I'm on the hunt for a comfortable pair of high heels or really nice wedges for work as I'm standing for almost 9 hours. If you have any suggestions, please do comment!

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