Monday, June 2, 2014

Topic #11: Collections - Sihaya Designs Jewelry

So collections was our next topic for the #2014BloggerChallenge.  I love to collecting a various number of things, but I thought I would share my Sihaya Designs collection.  Sihaya Designs is handmade artisan jewelry by Christina Allen Page which I found through the BPAL forums.  I've been buying pieces since 2010, and it's always exciting when she updates her Etsy store

My collection

First purchase
Some favorites pieces from Fall/Halloween collections
Fairy wings! I think the black/white contrast really striking
Druzy - the piece on the right was custom made
This is just a part of what I have.  I've also participated in her earring club subscription which comes in a whole year or 3 month subscriptions, in sterling silver or mixed metals. She loves working with labradorite, though I sadly don't have any pieces featuring it.

Do you have a favorite jewelry brand or designer?


  1. Wow they're really beautiful :) especially love the one on the bottom right.

    Check out my post on the same topic

  2. Wow, your jewelry collection is so beautiful! I think handmade and artisan jewelry is really special, I particularly like the big blue stone in the last necklace :)

    1. I think artisan jewelry is so much more unique than what you can buy in store (though you can find some nice stuff out there), and it's always nice to support artists and small businesses.