Monday, May 19, 2014

365 and Counting

It's been a  year since I've started my second List for the 101 Things in 1001 Days and it's been six months since my last update on my progress. Here's how things are looking:

See at least one ballet - I got tickets to see Sleeping Beauty from my sisters this past Christmas.  It was really great; some parts were really quite funny.

Go to 33 new food establishments (I feel like I've gone to more, but can't remember)
Black Bottle Postern - went here to celebrate some friends' birthdays. We probably tried about a 1/4 of the menu (the dishes are great for sharing); the pork tacos were our favorite. 
Black Crow Tavern
Molly Moons - a ice cream shop that I went to the first time after karaoke on my birthday.
Boiling Point - hot pot.  This is where I went for my birthday.  They have 10 different flavors and you can have as many add ons as you like. I got the beef soup, requested no tofu and added a side of beef and udon noodles.  So good.  Only downer to the whole thing is the cabbage got so soggy to the point of being uneatable.

Clean make up brushes on a regular basis - This I've gotten much better at. I'm currently using a cleaner that I got from Sephora which is generally used for quick cleans; I need to sit down and do a deep clean on all my brushes.

Read 150 books
Got farther along on this goal, though I've gotten lazy about keeping track of what I've read.  I just finished reading the Jim Henson biography by Brian Jay Jones and have started Sin in the Second City by Karen Abbott.

Save 10% of monthly income (once consumer debt is gone) - though I technically still have consumer debt (my car) I am now credit card debt free and will finally get to see my savings grow again.

Complete 52 week money challenge twice - I restarted this challenge at the beginning of the year, and I just passed week 20 (have saved up $210) and I'm still going strong with this second go around.

Try out bangs again - while I haven't gotten my hair cut in almost a year, a wig I wore at Sakura-Con featured bangs and really convinced me to go for this.  Not sure when I'll actually get my hair cut (and it really needs to happen as my hair is riddled with split ends) but I think it'll be a fun change.

Get a new job - The search has begun. Already applied for a few different positions, but no luck so far.  I kind of feel guilty sometimes, almost feeling obligated to stay where I'm at, but it does feel like it's time to go.

I have to admit, I feel like I've got nothing done on my list since I last talked about it. I'm going to be fulfilling two more goals in the next couple of weeks if everything works out but I need to get more proactive.  I also think that I'll go back to making individual posts about goals that I'm successful in completing.

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