Thursday, May 15, 2014

Topic #10: Hair - Bar Shampoo

I was a bit stumped on what I was going to talk about when I read that the next topic for #2014BC was going to be on hair.  I have a love/hate relationship with my hair.  It's rather fine (which I love) but I'm hopeless when it comes to styling.  I love curls but unless it's a perm, curls don't last very long.  I let my hair air dry and almost never use styling products.  So I thought I would talk about the current shampoo and conditioner that I'm using.

In January, I bought a couple of of bar shampoo and conditioner from Basin White during my Disney trip.  I've been a fan of bar shampoo since trying Lush's Jumping Juniper bar shampoo but since I was almost finished with the current bar I had, I thought I'd try something new.  I got the bars in Iced Cherries and Oatmeal Honey.

The shampoo bar is decent, but doesn't have as good of an oil control as the Jumping Juniper bar which is something I desperately need.  Looking at the website, all the shampoos are recommended for dry hair or scalp (while my hair needs to look oilier throughout the day at the roots, my hair is my coarse and dry at the ends - probably due to the split ends). I use this everyday while with the Lush one I could get away with using it every other day while still looking decent.  Another factor against this bar is that it doesn't keep it's form very well.  The bar started to flatten out and I had to remold it so it could fit in my tin. I'm not entirely sure if it is due to the ingredients in the product, the heat from the shower, or a combination o both, but I don't have this problem with the Lush bar.  Even though I still have the Iced Cherries shampoo, I think I'll go back to using Lush.

This is the Iced Cherries bar, unused

The Honey Oatmeal bar, after almost 4 months of use

However, I really enjoy the conditioner bar.  I'm very pleased that it has lasted this long considering that I have used it almost everyday. It's much easier to just run it over your hair than rubbing the bar between your hands.  Compared to a lot of conditioners, this makes my hair feel like it's been moisturized after I rinse it out.
The Honey Oatmeal conditioner
I don't know whether or not I'll ever be able to do anything special with my hair, but it's always nice to find a product that works well.

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  1. I don't use a bar of soap so much simply because using shampoo is easier for me. But this does look interesting. I haven't ever tried any Lush products, but I have heard they are top notch in a lot of reviews. I suggest you stick with them ^.^

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