Sunday, May 11, 2014

Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag May 2014

As soon as Rainbow Honey had the sign ups for the monthly subscription of their mystery bag, I signed up for the full size version.  I've been a fan of the brand for a couple of years, but only placed my first order a couple of months ago. I had gotten the March mystery bag free and was very happy with it, so I was thrilled when they announced that they where giving us the option of a subscription.

Everything comes securely wrapped and I love the super adorable sticker design.  There's a card that lists everything that you receive.

As much as I love getting new nail polish, I was most excited about the Summer Juice products (you could smell it through the packaging).  This is a very bright citrus scent, though when it dries down it becomes more of a floral on me.  The soap has shimmer in it and I can't wait to try this out when my current bar is used up.  There's also a sample of a sugar scrub in this scent.

Enter Lime! is a very comfortable feeling lip balm, lightly scented and really does taste like limeade.  I'm still testing out how well this works for me, but I'm giving it a thumbs up for not feeling waxy at all.  The only lip balm I'm currently using is the rosebud salve as a night treatment, so I was very happy to see this as one of this month's offerings.

On to the polish:
Petit Four is going to be part of a coming collection inspired by confections.  It's a pale yellow with pink, red, and blue glitter and pink shimmer.  The color does build up but doesn't go neon thankfully. Would make a great polish for spring.
My cuticles are awful at the moment, so just going to show one nail this time around
No swatches for Neon Blossom or Waves (sorry!). Neon blossom is a glitter top coat: white, neon pink, and neon yellow glitter, with a greenish-yellow shimmer.  Waves is a gorgeous looking turquoise and gold glass-flecked polish, and is going to be part of the summer collection.
I find Rainbow Honey polish to be very fast drying and takes some time to get the polish to look just right, but the results are worth it.

In conclusion: if you're a nail polish lover and/or a subscription addict, you need this.  The subscription is $10/month for mini size and $25/month for full size.

*Opinions stated in this post are 100% my own, based off of products that I paid for with my own money.

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